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Flight Training
Per Federal Aviation Regulations, to conduct flight training in the United States of America, you must either be a U.S. Citizen OR have authorization from the Transportation Safety Administration.

For U.S. Citizens:
You will need to provide us with some original documents (not copies) to verify your U.S. citizenship. You must provide ONE of the following three options to the school prior to going beyond your first logged flight. We must see the original document(s) and will make copies of them for our records.
Option 1:
U.S. Passport

Option 2:
U.S. State-Issued I.D. Card/Driver's License
+ U.S. State-Issued Birth Certificate
Option 3:
U.S. State-Issued I.D. Card/Driver's License
+ U.S. Citizenship Certificate
For Non-U.S. Citizens:
You must seek and receive approval from the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration (T.S.A.) prior to beginning flight training in the United States. To begin the process, visit, create an account, follow their instructions, and complete the application accurately. Search for "Middletown Regional Flight Training Institute" when selecting the school you seek attendance at. You will be asked what category of training you are seeking and in what type of aircraft. You should select Category 3 and indicate the aircraft type as a Cessna 172 (C172).
Once you submit your application, contact us to let us know so we can approve the request. From that point, all interactions during the approval process are between the student and the T.S.A.--our flight school staff cannot assist further during this process. Once you receive approval from the T.S.A. you can contact us and we will get you on our schedule.
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